Explore the various projects that we have created for professional learning and education purposes, while maintaining a fun atmosphere. All our published content is available for iOS, Andriod, and VR. Our goal is to combine education and entertainment so people can learn while playing games. The information is constant with learning purposes whether you’re trying to lean or trying to play a game, we have you covered.

ESL Edutainment



Did you know people learn better and faster when they’re having fun? Infusion Edutainment is dedicated to helping learners through Video-gaming! Experience 3 different game types that will make you like learning in the process. 

ESL Edutainment offers you:

– Whack a Pig

Listen to the game and use the hammer to hit the right pig with the right flashcard on the head. Like whack a mole but your hit matters.

– Archery 

Sharpen your bows skills by shooting a flashcard that will match with the word on the screen. Make your shots count before the word switches.

– Paintball/Slingshot

Let balls fly with this competitive sport. Use the paintball gun/slingshot to shoot the correct images based on the words above them. Aim is important on this one.



Sharpen and focus your language skills with ESL Conversation. Explore the possibilities of learning English with the help of our friendly Chatbot Mixie.

ESL Conversation offers you:

– Learn English 

If you need to study up your English, Mixie will help you learn English from the ground up. Whether it’s pronunciation or just learning in general, Mixie is the best in the business, she’ll have your English up to date in no time.

– Practice English 

Not all words are what they seem in sentences. Engage in starting and responding to everyday questions that will be brought up more than you think. Time is of the essence so that the conversations don’t get lost.




ESL Conversation


ESL Campus/Classroom



Learn Online and bring the classroom to you with ESL Campus/Classroom. ESL Campus/Classroom let’s you learn while staying inside safety of your home. 

ESL Campus/Classroom offers you:

– Meet New People

Find new people from around the world while you’re trying to learn in the virtual world. 

– Constant Updates

Whether it’s class schedules, special events fields, or new content there will always something brand new to learn. 

– Customization

The more you learn the more items you can unlock for your dorm room and avatar.

– Real Life Interaction 

Interact with everything around you whether it’s your classmates and teachers or the virtual tools and assets. 

– PvP & Co-op

Play with classmates after class in co-op with game modes from ESL Edutainment and try to compete for the highest score.