Infusion Edutainment is making new developments for Virtual education and finding a way to advance online learning capabilities in unprecedented times. COVID19 is changing the way we educate students and virtual reality has created an opportunity for more comprehensive learning. 


Virtual Solutions for Online Education

Reliable Support

Our reliable tech support team ensures that our program is running smoothly and will respond to any problems you are having instantaneously.

Large Virtual Campus

Our large virtual campus is engaging and with space for multiple classes to take place at once allowing use to tailor our classes to your needs in VR or on PC.

Media sharing

This enables users to share their screen with one another and facilitate direct communication.

Advanced Controls

The control system in the IECampus enables users to move around with ease, access media features, adjust volume levels and much more! 

Personalized Avatars

You can personalize your avatar or select from a variety of different avatars available in the IECampus. 

Object Interactivity

In our virtual hub you will have access to a variety of different objects or images that can be used to facilitate a demonstration.

Multiplayer Classroom

Connections up to 25 users at once, allowing you to host a full class and maximize classroom participation.

Cross Platform

Enjoy our IECampus on your PC or VR headset! our campus allows for immersive engaging learning.

Spatial Audio

Spacial audio keeps our rooms at a reasonable volume and simulates the feeling of being surrounded by your colleagues or classmates.

Explore A large expansive campus!

Our developers are extremely adaptive and eager to design a virtual space equipped with all the necessary tools to facilitate productive communication.

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