Infusion Edutainment
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In 2016, Infusion Edutainment began as a Virtual Reality company focused on entertainment. In 2018, we expanded our company to incorporate a software development department and explore virtual education opportunities.

Infusion Edutainment wants to keep you connected to any reality you want, at any time, anywhere you are! Students and teachers can connect with one another using our cross-platform virtual space that simulates a classroom. Seamlessly connecting regular devices, such as a phone or laptop, to teachers and students in Virtual Reality.

The practical applications of virtual reality go far beyond entertainment and Infusion has identified new opportunities arisen in our digital world. Here at Infusion, we specialize in improved communications through AI technology, augmented and virtual reality.

We can customize any of our virtual reality platforms to accommodate your needs and build an environment for immersive communication. Anything is possible within the emerging field of computer technology and virtual reality has allowed our team to extend past limitations.

Education Founded in Technology

Virtual, Augmented and Mixed reality


Artificial Intelligence is a branch of computer science that encompasses the ability for machines to display human-like intelligence. 


Augmented Reality is an enhanced version of reality created by overlaying digital information onto physical environments. 


Virtual Reality offers users a chance to teleport into an alternate world that can depict actual, imaginary, or constructed environments.

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