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Published language learning vocab apps/games in French, English, Spanish, Chinese and German!

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Published language learning vocab apps/games in French, English, Spanish, Chinese and German!

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Published language learning vocab apps/games in French, English, Spanish, Chinese and German!

About Us

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About Company

In 2016, Infusion Edutainment began as a Virtual Reality company focused on using the power of entertainment to enhance language learning education . In 2018, we expanded our company to incorporate a software development department and explore virtual reality development and education opportunities.

Infusion Edutainment wants to keep you connected to any reality you want, at anytime, anywhere you are! Students and teachers can connect with one another using our cross-platform virtual space that simulates a classroom. Seamlessly connecting regular devices, such as a phone or laptop, to teachers and students in Virtual Reality.

Infusion Edutainment Tech Solutions

We customize virtual reality platforms to accommodate  needs and build an environment for immersive communication. Anything is possible within the emerging field of computer technology and virtual reality!

At Infusion, we understand the speed with which our world is becoming digitalized. Having an online presence is crucial for any successful business, and with the challenges the Covid-19 pandemic has brought upon us, it is more important than ever. We are currently focusing on building gamify language learning VR platform. 

Applied Technology



Offers users a chance to a reality created by overlaying digital information onto physical environments.


A branch of computer science that encompasses the ability for machines to display human-like intelligence.

VR + Learn

make learn fun and easier! Enhanced version of learning with all the powers you can have in reality.


Our history

Years of Journey

  • 2016-2017

    VR technology research and development

    VR headsets different brands testing

  • 2018-2019

    VR multiplayer platform UI & functionalities development and tests 

  • 2020-2021

    Learning Content input and backend testing

  • 2022-2023

    Merge all the components and connect server, schedule to launch the beta version on Jan15th 2023

A new way learn a language

Explore the various projects that we have created for professional learning and education purposes, while maintaining a fun atmosphere.

Our Projects

Edutainment Simulation/Games

Did you know people learn better and faster when they’re having fun? Infusion Edutainment is dedicated to helping learners through Video-gaming! Experience 3 different game types that will make you like learning in the process.

English conversation Practice

If you need to study up your English, Mixie will help you learn English from the ground up. Whether it’s pronunciation or just learning in general, Mixie is the best in the business, she’ll have your English up to date in no time.

3D Campus/Classroom

Learn Online and bring the classroom to you with ESL Campus/Classroom. ESL Campus/Classroom let’s you learn while staying inside safety of your home.– Meet New People. Find new people from around the world while you’re trying to learn in the virtual world.

Connect anywhere, learn anytime!

Make learn easier and more fun!

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